Vet-Pro™ Warden Pro-Max Gloves


Product Code: WCSVP05-L



Vet-Pro™ Warden Pro-Max Gloves were developed for use with feral cats, snakes, dogs, reptiles, and rabid animals. Double lined in hand and cuff portion. Heavier felt lining used with good dexterity.

LARGE ONLY. Color of arm leather may vary from that pictured

All Vet-Pro Gloves are made of hand-cut, split-grain palomino leather and a ballistic lining of DuPont Kevlar felt.  Unlike knitted or woven versions, Kevlar felt is tightly packed for maximum puncture resistance.  Double-stitched with Kevlar thread, with a loose fit for dexterity and emergency removal.  These gloves are puncture resistant, NOT PUNCTURE PROOF!


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